Serviced Apartments in London - Corporate Bookings

Many of our guests are business travellers, working away from the support of their offices. Our London serviced apartments are fully furnished and equipped to enable guests to work remotely, efficiently and effectively.
Serviced apartments in London offer a great, flexible, cost-effective accommodation solution to companies of all sizes. Everything you would want from a true home from home can be provided, as well as all the additional comforts and services you may require when working away on business.

You can book a flat for just a few days or for longer stays.

Each serviced apartment in London has high speed secure wireless connection, direct dial telephone, ample workspace and guests also have the ability to hold meetings in the apartments themselves. Our guest relations team are on hand to provide a range of useful additional business services, upon request, including:
- meeting room hire
- secretarial services
- fax service
- parcel acceptance and delivery to your apartment

Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments

Not only are London serviced apartments usually cheaper than hotels, but the rates generally decrease the longer you stay. You'll also always get more space, more freedom and more privacy than in a hotel room! Here's an example of how hotels and serviced apartments compare in size and layout.

     Typical hotel room                       Typical studio apartment                    Typical one bedroom apartment

Why are serviced apartments cheaper than hotels?

Serviced apartment rates generally reduce according to the length of your stay. This is due to a number of factors including:
1) Maid service is normally provided less frequently than in a hotel. The cost savings accrued by the apartment operator in terms of reduced wage bills and less frequent laundering of sheets/towels are reflected in the reduced rate.
2) Serviced apartments in London do not generally have a restaurant. Hotels without a restaurant wouldn't be a hotel in most people's minds so most hotels are obliged to operate at least one. Not having to supplement the running costs of a restaurant helps keep serviced apartment rates more competitive.
3) Most hotel rates include breakfast. Whether you have breakfast or not, your nightly hotel rate includes around 10 pounds to fund the cost of breakfast. Most people staying in serviced apartments have a choice: prepare your own breakfast or pay to have breakfast in the restaurant, a nearby cafe or on-the-go. The difference is that you're not paying for something you might not use.
4) Hotels need to provide numerous staff, often 24 hours a day, including reception staff and security. Although there's always someone available to help you if you need it, serviced apartments have far fewer staff than hotels, so this is another saving that can be passed on to you.
5) In addition to all this, don't forget that staying in a serviced apartment lowers your total cost of stay due to the massive savings you can make from removing hotel laundry bills (stays of 5 days or more), room service, hotel restaurants and over inflated internet costs.

Your own space

London serviced apartments redefine the business accommodation experience. You get space, privacy and comfort that's unheard of in hotels. Plus, there's no walking through crowded lobbies, constant interaction with hotel staff or tipping every time you dine.
- More space, more freedom. You have separate spaces for working, relaxing and sleeping. No more cramped corners, tiny working surfaces and laptops on the bed. With a serviced apartment you can spread out, relax more and do more. It's the home from home that makes business a pleasure.
- A whole new experience. You'll feel better, work, eat and sleep better. You can have friends over, you can meet clients or get together with colleagues.
- Live life your way. You can order in meals or cook your own food. You can eat what you want, when you want. Midnight feast? No problem. Breakfast at midday? Your choice.

Significant savings

- Save up to 40% on comparable hotel rooms.
- LondonApartmentsUK’s service is FREE to use and open to companies of all sizes from individual business travellers to large organisations. There are no contracts, tie-ins, obligation or minimum spend.
- Maximise your travel spend in challenging economic times. Cut your ancillary costs, including eating out, tipping and meeting rooms.

Hidden hotel costs

It's not all about the nightly rate. Hotels may have different hidden costs.
- Eating out costs on average £30 per employee, per day.
- Breakfast often isn't included and can frequently cost an extra £15.
- Add another 10% or so for tipping staff every time you dine.

Increased productivity and security

- Help your managers work better and feel more at home when they're away from home.
- Get the peace of mind of knowing that single, individual business travellers are in secure accommodation, without the transient traffic associated with hotels.

The right choice for business

- Leave all the hard work to us as we source, check and grade serviced apartments, and negotiate unbeatable rates for you.
- Save yourself the time and effort of organising a private let, without all the associated bills, admin, ongoing management and financial commitment.

LondonApartmentsUK is your first choice for serviced apartments in London.

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