Why book and apartment in London

Apartments from LondonApartmentsUK are the smart alternative to hotels, whether you're travelling on business or leisure.
Top reasons for booking an apartment in London.

1. Savings of 40% or more

on comparable hotels helping you make the most of your budget when every penny counts. The rates you pay for a hotel room are often inflated due to the high running costs of running hotels. In-house facilities of huge foyers plus restaurants, bars, porters and security personnel incur high wage bills. In addition, because the hotel industry in London is so fiercely competitive, the cost of sales and marketing can be considerable. London holiday apartments and serviced apartments usually do not have these facilities and guests usually stay for longer periods, so the cost of marketing and sales can be considerably lower. Generally the running costs are far lower and this is reflected in the price. Additionally, apartments in London offer further savings due to their flexibility - for example, when staying in a hotel, you often have to bear the potentially very expensive cost of eating in restaurants. With a serviced apartment you will have your own kitchen, so that at London Apartments you may - if you wish prepare your own meals with fresh food bought from the local shops.

2. No minimum stay

so you can make great savings even for short breaks. Stay 1 night, 1 week or 1 months or more. Whether on business or leisure, you may choose to stay just a single night, several nights, weeks or months, according to your requirements. Living in an apartment in London is a lot more comfortable than a hotel room. Plus here you get often your own private balcony.

3. Huge range of choice

with apartments in all areas of London.

4. Save money with discounts

We have negotiated to offer you the best possible rates. Our London apartments are already discounted and for longer stays we have negotiated even better rates for you.

5. More space and freedom

to help you get the most out of your trip, with stylish accommodation that feels like a home from home. The luxury of space: In a city where space is at a premium, apartments offer a unique opportunity to stay in spacious surroundings - so rarely possible in a hotel.

6. Simple secure online and telephone booking

giving you the flexibility you need wherever you are. All your personal details are taken in strictest confidence, and with a 100% guarantee that your credit card details are secure. FREE booking service, with no hidden costs or extra charges. Real-time booking for many properties, with instant confirmation.

7. Quality guaranteed

as we rigorously research and grade London apartments. Plus detailed descriptions, photos and maps, so you know just what you're getting.

8. Enjoy privacy and safety

Apartments are located in secure buildings. Apartment guests tend to be less transient than hotel guests, so there is less movement of people and guests are afforded a greater degree of privacy and independence. This would not be possible in a hotel where quite typically staff members are constantly required to be present in public areas.

9. Our rates are per apartment and not per person

All our apartments are charged on a "per apartment" basis. Some accommodation suppliers charge a rate on a per person basis - a pricing strategy adopted by many hotels that make rates for a single room seem lower, and enable them to charge extra for additional guests. In a serviced apartment you could bring your partner along with no increase in rate.

10. Flexibility to entertain guests or clients

Your apartment is your "base" in London, and you are free to entertain guests and clients. Also, many apartments have living/dining areas that lend themselves very well to being adequate meeting venues.

11. Cleaning and linen service

Some of our apartments are "Serviced Apartments" and rates are set on the basis that apartments will be cleaned every week. This means you can expect all your personal belongings to remain undisturbed as nobody will enter your apartment between services. However, maintenance will be attended to immediately and additional cleaning services may be requested at any time for a moderate fee. Also, used towels may be swapped at any time during office hours.

12. No set meal times or menus

as you eat what you like, when you like and save a great deal into the bargain.

13. A place to live, not just to sleep

Our apartments offer you a place to call your "home" while in London - we think this is very important to today's travellers, who want so much more than simply a room with a bed in it. Experience London as a local, not as a visitor !